Arginine IronMaxx Arginin Simplex 800 – 130 caps


  • Over 3700 mg of L-arginine per serving
  • Improves blood circulation in the cardiovascular system and muscles.
  • Nitric oxide precursor (NO)
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With over 3700mg of L-arginine per serving, Arginine Simplex 800 is an effective supplement that can ensure adequate absorption of arginine during intense physical activity. It's great for a low carb diet as it contains only 0.1g of sugar per serving. The tasteless capsules made from beef gelatin allow for an individualized supply of arginine. They are made in the form of plug-in capsules, they can also be opened and dissolved arginine in water.

L-arginine accelerates muscle growth
Arginine is a proteinogenic amino acid that must be taken with food to meet the needs of the body. The natural protein building block contains the most nitrogen of all the amino acids from which the body can produce nitric oxide (nitric oxide). The vasodilating effect of nitric oxide promotes blood flow to the cardiovascular system and muscles. This ensures better transport of nutrients and oxygen, improves fat burning and optimizes protein synthesis. As a result, muscles can grow faster.


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