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Arginine is one of the basic amino acids in the human body. Its main function is to increase blood circulation in the peripheral parts of the body (through increased production of nitric oxide), increased production of somatotropin (growth hormone STH), increase the activity of the function of the genital organs, as well as increase spermatogenesis in men (sperm production).

One of the main functions of arginine is that it acts as a precursor in the production of nitric oxide by expanding blood vessels (reducing tone) in smooth muscles, it leads to an expansion of blood flow, increased blood circulation, which allows delivering nutrients and oxygen to the periphery.

Characteristics of the active substance:

Arginine is a non-essential amino acid that plays a number of important roles in our body. For a better understanding of arginine and its functions, it is necessary to give examples of at least its main effects. One of the two fundamental actions of arginine is that it acts as a precursor to the production of nitric oxide, which in the peripheral regions vasodilates (reduces tone) in smooth muscles, which leads to increased blood flow, increased blood circulation, which allows the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the periphery. There are two points of view on this characterization:

one.In terms of athletic performance and regeneration The effect of arginine on athletic performance and regeneration due to the increased amount of nitric oxide (for which arginine acts as a precursor) the blood supply to the muscle tissues is expanded, and due to the greater blood flow, more oxygen and glucose enters the muscles during exercise. If we look at this issue in more detail, we will find out that glucose, along with oxygen, is usually not enough during prolonged intense training, and arginine can help in such cases. From the point of view of a short-term maximum productive load (up to 30 seconds), one should take into account the fact that our body uses energy mainly from sources that are quickly available in muscle cells, and arginine can, thanks to vasodilation, help accelerate subsequent regeneration, it accelerates the supply of used saccharides and the removal of metabolic debris. The use of arginine in the post-workout phase, due to increased blood circulation, accelerates regeneration, the removal of metabolic debris and the supply of glycogen to tissues.

2. From the point of view of vascularization in the genital organs: The functioning of the genital organs is based on the ability to deliver a sufficient amount of blood to them. This is especially true for men who thus need to maintain an erection. Due to its ability to dilate blood vessels, arginine stimulates the function of the genital organs and in general can be used as a product to improve your sex life.Another important point in terms of reproductive function is the fact that male sperm is mainly composed of arginine (95%), which means that a sufficient amount of arginine or its supplementation increases the ability to produce sperm (increases spermatogenesis).

The product is intended for:

Growth of muscle mass due to increased production of somatotropin (growth hormone STH),

Increasing blood circulation with nitric oxide,

Maintaining the immune system

Acceleration of regeneration processes,

Increasing strength, as well as the growth and maintenance of muscle mass,

lowering cholesterol levels,

Increasing sperm production

Satisfactory sex life.


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