Arginine Olimp Labs AAKG Xplode 300 grams


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Nitrogen donor Olimp Labs AAKG Xplode (Sports nutrition Olimp Labs AAKG Xploid) in powder form based on two types of arginine – arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (AAKG) and regular L-arginine. The product is designed to provide an anabolic effect, provide endurance and pumping. Arginine itself is an amino acid, but it has the excellent property of synthesizing nitric oxide NO. This substance dilates blood vessels. Vessels can bring more blood to the muscles, and with it more oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, the muscles can work longer and harder. Recovery and growth are also accelerating. Moreover, the product helps to achieve an incredible pampa feeling. Benefits of Olimp Labs AAKG Xplode Nitrogen Booster: – The product is very quickly absorbed – Good solubility – Pleasant taste


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