Arginine Olimp Labs ArgiPower™ 1500 – 30 caps


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An excellent, highly effective nitric oxide donator. The supplement contains pure high quality L-arginine and is able to fully provide the body with this substance.

Argi Power is:

  • high intensity of muscle loads,
  • a significant increase in endurance,
  • increased production of growth hormone in the body,
  • accelerated healing of wounds, fractures and stretch marks,
  • an effective remedy for the prevention and treatment of arthritis,
  • connective tissue disorders,
  • a significant increase in muscle volume,
  • reduction of body fat,
  • high muscle metabolism,
  • prevention of hypertension
  • boosting immunity.

These and other beneficial properties of the supplement will bring great benefits to the body. So hurry up to buy Olimp Labs Argi Power, take care of your body.
Suggested Use: 1 to 4 capsules daily before training and before physical activity.


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