Arginine Scitec Nutrition Mega Arginine 90 caps


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Effectively and efficiently increase muscle mass, get real volumes of muscles, and also safely get rid of extra pounds, all this is within your power if L-arginine is your assistant.
Mega Arginine is a super supplement containing a mega dose of the active ingredient in each capsule. The supplement promotes an increase in nitric oxide, which stimulates excellent blood flow to the muscles, providing muscle cells with nutrients, thereby providing an ideal pump.
Mega Arginine has an active action aimed at:
release of growth hormone
a significant increase in creatine stores in the muscles,
acceleration of fat metabolism,
body detoxification,
a significant increase in sexual function,
improves immunity,
lifts and normalizes the mood.
With a regular supplement from Scitec Nutrition, you will quickly reach the top, get the perfect shape and achieve well-defined muscles. Buy Scitec Nutrition Mega Arginine 90 caps today and start seeing results tomorrow.


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