Bamboo Eco bottle – 500 ml


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Bamboo Eco Bottle is the best choice for everyone who thinks about our planet. Its volume is 500 ml, and it is made of steel and environmentally friendly bamboo, which is often called the "material of the future". It has antibacterial properties, does not leave any odors and is highly durable. What's more, it's completely biodegradable, making it popular with the eco-minded. The bottle has a nice design and ensures you always have enough liquid on hand to keep you hydrated.

In addition, the bottle maintains the temperature of the contents, making it ideal not only for water, but also for tea, coffee, your favorite BCAA drink or any other liquid. Thanks to the screw-on lid, it provides reliable tightness, which prevents accidental spillage of the contents. The pleasant minimalist design, complete with the VanaVita logo, makes it clear that you care about the natural world. This bottle is perfect for training at the gym or at home, and will accompany you securely to university, work, camping or anywhere else.


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