Bars BioTech USA Protein Wafer 35 grams


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  • High protein content (42%)
  • No added sugar**
  • Rich in fiber
  • No preservatives

*Information refers to coffee flavored product. Vanilla flavored product contains 43% protein.
**Contain natural sugars.

Good old favorite in a new form

A timeless classic that never gets boring. It also includes waffles. Do you also still remember the crispy wafer layers with delicate cream from your childhood? However, will you refuse them, afraid of the verdict of your floor scales? No need! Now there is an alternative that is not harmful to the figure, and even something more! The filling between the lightest layers of Protein Wafer is not only tasty, but also healthy. Thanks to their comprehensive formula containing milk, peas and hydrolyzed protein, they are the perfect complement to your daily protein intake. And all this is concentrated in a crispy piece of pleasure, which is impossible to resist. Don't be afraid to snack and sweeten the moment!

Do you want something salty instead?

Select Protein Chips! Try also the pepper and BBQ versions. Bite and crunch!


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