Bars IronMaxx Bar PROTEIN 30 – 35 g


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Protein bars + vitamins. In this high protein bar, the proteins + vitamins provide a good extra serving of protein for muscle work and muscle building with little sugar. The Protein 30 Bar contains only 0.8g of sugar per bar (35g) and 11g of the best protein. The protein bar is made without the use of palm oil. A complete protein for training – and as a tasty snack between meals when you are at risk of loss of performance and bouts of hunger! A true fitness bar that has been developed as a good alternative and addition to protein shakes and other supplements.

A brief overview of the benefits of a protein bar:

  • High protein protein bar
  • Supports muscle building and muscle function
  • With 5 vitamins to support protein and energy metabolism
  • Low Sugar Recipe
  • Suitable for use before, during and after training
  • Palm oil free
  • Practical in a travel bar


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