BCAA BioTech USA BCAA Shot – zero carb 60ml


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For a comprehensive post-workout recovery and reliable muscle preservation, BioTech USA experts recommend buying Bcaa-Shot 60 ml of a concentrated amino acid blend led by arginine and vitamins B 6 and B 12.

Such a formula will help you protect muscle fibers from catabolism, support metabolism, normalize hemoglobin, increase energy reserves, and also negate the slightest signs of fatigue in the initial stages of training.

Given that amino acids are the most important link in the diet for any bodybuilder, the developers made sure that you get a clean and high-quality product, free from excess fats and carbohydrates.

Here is a ready-to-use complex in convenient packaging and with a pleasant taste, which will help you get the desired effect as soon as possible due to the instant assimilation of the liquid formula of amino acids and vitamins.

This is a really powerful amino acid strike against the main enemies of sports activity, with such an additive you are not afraid of catabolism, lack of strength and sluggish muscles. A competent dose of components will help you raise the bar of physical capabilities, and also effectively stimulate the new formation of muscle fibers!


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