BCAA BioTech USA BCAA Zero 700g


  • A quality source of BCAAs in an optimal 2:1:1 ratio
  • Contains vitamin B6, which promotes the metabolism of amino acids
  • Enriched with pro-anabolic glutamine
  • Promotes the growth of muscle tissue
  • Optimizes energy balance
  • Reduces the feeling of fatigue
  • Increases physical efficiency
  • Facilitates regeneration
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Biotech BCAA Flash Zero is a source of high quality branched chain amino acids. The universal proportion of leucine to other amino acids was used in the preparation – 2: 1: 1.

BCAA branched-chain amino acids, amino acids that contain a branched aliphatic side chain. They belong to the group of essential exogenous amino acids, they cannot be produced by the human body and need food. Due to their significant role in the process of building muscle mass and improving physical performance, athletes are often advised to increase the amount of BCAAs in their diet through supplementation. Their multidimensional mechanism allows you to feel the significant effects of the application.

More intense muscle anabolism
Leucine, the dominant amino acid in this set, shows the ability to activate the so-called mTOR pathway, which is responsible for stimulating muscle synthesis. This is due to the occurrence of a phenomenon called the leucine threshold, that is, the minimum amount of leucine that must be used in one meal to start anabolic processes. Thus, the addition of BCAAs increases the rate of muscle tissue growth. It also has a positive effect on post-workout recovery, which is important for all athletes, regardless of discipline.

Protection against muscle catabolism Amino acids with
branched chain have a positive effect on muscle tissue, not only due to the stimulation of anabolism, but also due to its protective activity. BCAA reduces the mRNA of the MAFbx protein responsible for the process of muscle atrophy. Because of this, the addition of branched-chain amino acids can limit the rate of muscle tissue breakdown. This is especially important in situations that are not conducive to maintaining a high level of muscle mass development, such as during periods of intense training or weight loss.

Increased energy level
BCAA can be effectively used by the body as a backup energy source. In the event of a significant energy deficit, they can be converted into alanine, which, in turn, can be used in the processes of gluconeogenesis to produce glucose and restore its reserves in the body. This is especially important during long intense workouts, as it allows you to maintain a high training efficiency.

Limited feeling of tiredness. Amino acids with
branched chain can also contribute to the effectiveness of training by limiting the feeling of fatigue. Their high levels in the body help reduce the absorption of tryptophan, which promotes the production of serotonin. This neurotransmitter increases the feeling of fatigue during exercise. This is another mechanism responsible for the effectiveness of BCAAs on physical performance.

Glutamine it is an amino acid that shows synergistic activity with leucine. This contributes to an increase in anabolic processes, maximizing the effectiveness potential of the supplement. By limiting the breakdown of leucine, glutamine promotes its effectiveness in the mTOR pathway.Like BCAAs, glutamine can also serve as a backup energy source for the body. Moreover, glutamine has been shown to have a positive effect on immune system functions, especially by stimulating the functionality of the intestinal barrier.

Additive vitamin B6 was also included in the product. It is an ingredient with a wide spectrum of action in the body. For the effectiveness of the product, the role of vitamin B6 is especially important for the metabolism of amino acids. It regulates this metabolism, causing the correct course of transformations of amino acids entering the body.

Summing up, it is possible say , what Biotech BCAA Flash Zero is a high quality supplement providing branched chain amino acids in a ratio of 2:1:1. It represents a versatile support for physical abilities regardless of discipline. This not only promotes muscle building and recovery efficiency, but also reduces fatigue and adds energy during long workouts.


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