BCAA MST BCAA Energy new formula – 315g


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BCAA Energy MST – a unique complex from MST, which will increase efficiency and endurance during physical exertion, as well as improve recovery in the post-workout period. A feature of the supplement is the addition of BCAA amino acids valuable for muscle cells, vitamins and components to increase energy levels. In addition, BCAA Energy has a convenient powder form and a pleasant taste.

Benefits of BCAAs:

  • Basis for protein synthesis in the body
  • Auxiliary component for the synthesis of other amino acids
  • Energy for muscles
  • Suppression of hunger and improved fat burning
  • Metabolism improvement
  • Prevention of soreness and microdamage of muscles during training
  • In cyclic sports, BCAAs can delay the onset of fatigue and improve performance in "slow" marathon runners (slower than 3:05)


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