BCAA MST BCAA Zero – 540g


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MST Nutrition BCAA Zero is a new amino acid supplement based on the most valuable BCAA amino acids for athletes. Its key features are the absence of sugar and other carbohydrates, pleasant taste, fast solubility and high efficiency. The product is recommended not only for professional athletes and amateur athletes, but also for active people who want to provide their muscles with high-quality nutrients.

Benefits of BCAAs:

  • Basis for protein synthesis in the body
  • Auxiliary component for the synthesis of other amino acids
  • Energy for muscles
  • Suppression of hunger and improved fat burning
  • Metabolism improvement
  • Prevention of soreness and microdamage of muscles during training
  • In cyclic sports, BCAAs can delay the onset of fatigue and improve performance in "slow" marathon runners (slower than 3:05)


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