BCAA OstroVit BCAA 2:1:1, 200g


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Introducing a unique amino acid complex from OstroVit, which has a highly effective ratio of ingredients, absolute purity of the composition, as well as the most successful combination of the most important amino acids for an athlete.

The decision to buy Extra Pure BCAA 2.1.1 200 grams will result in a mega-effect when building muscle volume and dry mass, and will also lead you to your cherished goal in the shortest possible time!

Carefully selected proportions of the main anabolic and energy amino acids in the composition of the complex enhance the effect of the supplement, and will allow:

– properly build muscle and protect muscle cells from destruction,

– effectively recover at the end of each workout,

– quickly adjust the body to a new intensity of training, ensure maximum energy recovery and stock up on strength,

– block the excessive production of lactic acid, i.e. the main cause of post-workout soreness and burning sensations,

– strengthen immunity and constantly stay in a sports tone.

As part of the complex, you will find amino acids that are recognized as the most effective for solving basic problems in bodybuilding, and the extra-pure formula of the supplement will bring results many times faster than other amino acid mixtures.


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