BCAA SAN BCAA Pro 5000 345 grams


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SAN BCAA-Pro is a high potency formula containing the branched chain amino acids L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine, as well as L-Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid found in skeletal muscle tissue. BCAA-Pro also includes vitamin C, vitamin B6, lysophosphatidyl choline, and methoxyisoflavone. BCAAs are essential amino acids, meaning they must be included in the diet. Athletes and bodybuilders recognize the importance of a diet rich in BCAAs, as BCAAs can increase protein synthesis and inhibit muscle protein breakdown. These essential amino acids are readily oxidized during exercise, so BCAA supplementation can play a significant role in weight management and muscle maintenance. Glutamine is added to the BCAA-Pro formula to work synergistically with BCAAs to prevent muscle wasting and increase muscle cell size. In addition, the inclusion of vitamin B6, vitamin C and lysophosphatidyl choline promotes the absorption of amino acids into the blood. In addition, methoxyisoflavone has been added to the BCAA-Pro formula for its nutrient distribution and cortisol-lowering action, thereby preserving muscle mass. BCAA-Pro can be used effectively between workouts to maintain body weight or during the growth phase to increase cell volume and protein synthesis.

Suggested Use: Take one scoop twice daily, the first serving 30 minutes before training and the second serving immediately after training.


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