BCAA Scitec Nutrition BCAA Complex 300 grams


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The latest scientific research has shown that leucine is one of the most important amino acids because it directly stimulates protein synthesis. Increasing the level of leucine in the body is an anabolism switch and maximum protein synthesis requires about 4g of leucine every 4 hours! Leucine also enhances recovery and protects muscle tissue from catabolic breakdown. Knowing this information, the new standard for BCAAs has become the dominant amount of leucine in relation to other amino acids in a ratio of 8:1:1. With this attitude, we don't need to increase the overall dose of the product to achieve optimal leucine levels!

But the MUSCLE BCAA formula didn't stop at the new BCAA ratio! Glutamine is an essential amino acid (needed in large amounts beyond dietary intake) and is also one of the main ingredients needed by athletes, so we included it in this formula. But we did not use the outdated, unstable L-glutamine, but the scientifically proven glutamide dipeptide L-aoanil L-glutamine, which is able to increase muscle glutamine levels more effectively.

Finally, vitamins B6 are important nutrients that play an important role in protein synthesis and metabolism, immune system function, and optimal brain and nervous system function.


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