BCAA Trec Nutrition BCAA Powder 400 grams


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Dietary food product without taste. BCAA Powder is a preparation that contains optimally selected proportions of branched amino acids: L-isoleucine, L-leucine and L-valine. The preparation was additionally enriched with vitamin B6, which supports the absorption of amino acids. Branched Chained Amino Acids (BCAAs) make up over 40% of the body's lean muscle tissue. Intensive training leads to the exhaustion of the body's energy resources, as well as to a decrease in branched-chain amino acids.

A decrease in BCAA levels limits the process of protein synthesis in the body, which as a result can lead to limited body performance and reduced muscle tissue. To block the appearance of a negative catabolic state and enhance the recovery of muscle proteins, you need to supply the body with a branched chain amino acid.

BCAA Powder belongs to a group of special purpose dietary foods that meet the needs of the body in conditions of intense physical work, especially athletes. One serving of 5 g. BCAA Powder supplies the body with 5000 mg. exogenous amino acids.


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