Beef protein Amix Anabolic Monster Beef – 1000 g


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Anabolic Monster Beef consists of 90% enzymatically hydrolyzed (pre-processed) beef protein, which is considered one of the highest quality protein sources on the market. Enzymatic hydrolysis shortens the time for protein digestion, which leads to the completion of its task without any time delays.

The product is enriched with creatine monohydrate, Nitro Shot Comlex and PhospoMatrix. This makes it also a unique pre-workout creatine complex that plumps up your muscles, thus allowing for faster regeneration, while also increasing overall muscle strength and muscle growth. In turn, Nitro Shot Complex increases blood circulation. The effect of vasodilation is necessary for the accelerated transfer of nutrients to muscle cells. PhospoMatrix will provide fast transport of minerals needed for sports.


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