BioTech USA Ulisses Surge 230 grams


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BioTech (USA) Ulisses Surge is a pre-workout from the world famous American brand that allows strength athletes to increase the performance of the training process and improve strength. The product is based on only safe and permitted components: citrulline malate, arginine, beta-alanine, premium quality caffeine. The supplement improves the synthesis of ATP, the main source of muscle energy and is ideal for athletes who "dry out the muscles."

The pre-workout complex effectively fights chronic fatigue, lethargy, loss of strength, etc. It protects muscle fibers from oxidative stress and prolongs anabolism. The supplement increases mental focus, cognitive abilities and allows you to train harder and more productively. Available in the form of a powder with a pleasant aftertaste of watermelon. It is well absorbed without irritating the stomach and intestines. Bank 230.


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