BioTech USA Zero Drops 50ml


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10 flavors Lactose-free* Gluten-free* Sugar-free** Color-free Economical packaging, contains a minimum of 100 doses * The product does not contain lactose and gluten and does not affect their content in a drink/meal prepared according to the recommended use. ** Product contains no sugar, except for caramel and biscuit and cream flavors, and does not affect the sugar content of a drink/food prepared based on the recommended use. The sugar-free claim for caramel and cream biscuits refers to a ready-to-eat product prepared with 330 ml of water. The possibilities are endless, it all depends on your imagination. Use to your taste! You don't have to give up delicacies, even if you minimize your sugar intake and monitor the quality of your diet. Just a few drops of Zero Drops are lactose, gluten and sugar free** and you can spice up your favorite oatmeal, natural yogurt or cottage cheese to your own taste. What's more, you can use Zero Drops with an unflavored drinkable protein powder like 100% Pure Whey, and you'll enjoy a different flavor of shake every day after your workout. It's up to you what you add this seasoning to, from amino acid powders to mineral water. You can choose from 10 flavors or even mix and match! It is very practical and easy to fit into any diet, so your meals will definitely not be monotonous!


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