Calipers Power System PS-6006 shin and foot protection ELASTIC SHIN PAD Red


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Shin and foot protection is something that should certainly be in the sports arsenal of physically active people who are regularly exposed to stress and prefer high-quality protection performed by reputable companies in the field of sports equipment.

The lower part of the musculoskeletal system (ankle) is especially often exposed to injury, so the choice of effective protection is an important stage of training activity.

You should buy ankle protection ELASTIC SHIN PAD PS-6006 Black for several reasons:

– protection has an excellent warming, fixing and protective effect,

– Fits well on the ankle

– prevents sprains, dislocations, fixes the foot in the desired position, preventing stress,

– does not burden the leg due to the minimum weight,

– the protective effect is reinforced with a foam layer 20 mm thick,

– the heel and toe are open, due to which the protection is almost imperceptible,

– thanks to the elasticity of the material, it takes the exact individual shape of the ankle.


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