Carbo – 3000g


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OstroVit Carbo is a nutritional supplement with the highest quality carbohydrates, which is characterized by a very short absorption time. This allows you to gradually supply the right amount of energy during the training period. The drug is especially recommended for athletes involved in power sports. In addition, the product is enriched with essential minerals, vitamins, as well as substances that improve blood circulation, such as L-arginine and beta-alanine.

Carbohydrates are the main "fuel", a source of energy in the human body. The main ingredient in OstroVit Carbo is maltodextrin, or hydrolyzed starch. It is characterized by high bioavailability and fast metabolism, so it does not remain in the stomach for long hours, like some similar substances. They are a great boost of energy and strength during hard workouts and long runs, or with the help of your indispensable bike. OstroVit Carbo is the perfect workout supplement to replenish your muscle glycogen “deficiency” and make you feel like a newborn. If you want a cheap and effective supplement that will replenish your energy stores, this is the perfect solution for you!


  • Obtained as a result of the enzymatic hydrolysis of starch.
  • Easily digestible, easily digestible source of energy, does not accumulate in the stomach.
  • Maximizes physical activity and accelerates post-workout regeneration
  • Ideal workout supplement


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