Citrulline MST Citrulline (Unflavored) – 500g


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citrulline – a non-essential amino acid that is reproduced by the body itself. This is a kind of organic compound that is part of protein structures. Synthesis of citrulline is carried out in the liver from other amino acids.

Amino acid citrulline – an intermediate in the ornithine cycle, in which amino groups and ammonia are converted to urea. That is, the supplement contributes to the removal of lactic acid, nitrogenous slags and ammonia from the body. In the elimination process, citrulline works with aspartic acid and magnesium.

Ammonia, when in the bloodstream, causes fatigue and interferes with the conversion of glucose into energy. Citrulline removes ammonia from the body faster, eliminating fatigue. It also replenishes ATP and creatine phosphate, high-energy compounds that provide the energy you need after intense exercise.

In the course of numerous studies, scientists have been able to identify the following effects of citrulline:

  • When taken before training, it reduces muscle pain by 40% in the next 2 days after training.
  • While following a low-calorie diet, which invariably leads to a decrease in muscle mass, L-citrulline helps to maintain it.
  • 8 g of malate before training provides a couple of extra repetitions, and the more of them, the stronger the effect.
  • Taking 6 g per day reduces muscle fatigue, increases ATP synthesis by 34% and the concentration of creatine phosphate after training by 20%
  • L-citrulline lowers the rate at which visceral fat cells store fat. This allows you to reduce the amount of fat deposits in the abdominal region (abdomen), which in turn acts as a prevention of diabetes and heart disease.


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