Doctors Best Trans-Resveratrol Antioxidants, 100 mg, 60 Softgels


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Doctor's Best Trans-Resveratrol is a high quality red wine extract and Japanese cornflower root.

Resveratrol is a unique antioxidant that has no analogues. It has a large number of benefits and plays an important role in the human body, having a beneficial effect on all organs and systems.

The benefits of the substance are as follows:

  • providing a rejuvenating effect,
  • protection against the development of cancer,
  • strengthening and further supporting the health of the cardiovascular system,
  • prevention of obesity
  • cleansing of the skin from comedones (black dots), acne (acne).

In addition, the supplement has a beneficial effect on the central, peripheral nervous system due to the elimination of overwork, relaxation after excessive physical and mental stress. Athletes can build muscle mass, improve performance, become stronger, and increase endurance in a short time and without harm to health.


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