Expander GymBeam Cross Band Level 5


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Band Cross Resistance Band Level 5 promotes a rapid increase in muscle strength when used in strength and bodyweight training.
The Cross Resistance Band Level 5 is an extremely durable, seamless band that offers unlimited exercise and workout options to tone and tone your body. Use it for bodyweight training or in the gym for strength training and exercises like the bench press, deadlift or squat. It is also a great accessory for rehabilitation exercises. The elastic band is a great addition to any workout if you need help and don't have a partner.

The elastic resistance band provides safe assistance and a rapid increase in muscle strength. Try new exercises like push-ups with added resistance and you will see changes not only in your body but also in how you feel.

Resistance band and its benefits:

  • elastic band or expander – the perfect addition to any workout
  • resistance level 38-104 kg
  • you can use it for weightlifting, powerlifting, bench press, squat or deadlift
  • you can also use it in gymnastics, martial arts or crossfit
  • ideal for bodyweight training and rehabilitation exercises

The braid is a loop 104 cm long (girth about 208 cm)


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