Expander Power Play Expander 4101


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Purpose: for fitness at home and in the gym.

  • The PowerPlay 4101 expander is designed to develop the muscles of the arms and pectoral muscles.
  • It is suitable for beginners, girls who do not want to take on the maximum load and prefer strength exercises without a lot of weight.
  • The expander is used to diversify yoga, Pilates, and fitness workouts.
  • The expander is equipped with comfortable handles so as not to slip out during the exercise.
  • A feature of this product is five rows of tensile element, which increases the resistance and load.
  • The main feature of the simulator is that it perfectly tightens the muscles, strengthens them, but does not increase in volume.


  • Five cables that, if necessary, can be removed and reduce resistance
  • For athletes of all skill levels
  • Material: rubber, plastic


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