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The G15 Anabolic Gainer is a more advanced and improved version of our popular G15 Gainer! This is a great product for anyone who wants to increase their weight and gain muscle mass very quickly. We have improved its protein part – now it has the best proteins! It contains exclusively whey concentrates and isolates, as well as three hydrolyzed whey proteins, which are excellent for muscle growth. G15 contains 15% of the best proteins and 71% of high quality slow-acting carbohydrates.

Whey proteins are the most suitable and most effective proteins used in post-workout products. While we were developing the recipe for this new product, we didn't plan to just create a new generic gainer. We wanted to offer you something more, something logical, something that makes sense and that can actually help you gain weight. The new G15 really works, even for those who have trouble gaining weight! Six sources of protein is exactly what you need! We used not only hydrolyzed whey proteins (i.e., fast digesting) as "traditional" whey concentrates, but also top whey proteins – CFM concentrate and CFM 90% isolate. Thanks to this protein combination, we can offer you an effective gainer with excellent consistency and taste.



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