FUEL DRINK – 1.4 kg


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Preparing for a workout or competition takes a lot of work, don't forget to feed and hydrate your body, the right drink can affect your performance and recovery, the right fuel can help optimize your energy levels, increase exercise intensity and duration. Hydration before and during exercise is very important!

Quamtrax FUEL DRINK It is a drink essential for maintaining athletic performance and health. It consists of 4 types of carbohydrates, enriched with L-glutamine, vitamin B1 and minerals. Ideal for pre-workout and during workouts, it provides a long-term supply of energy thanks to a mixture of carbohydrates with different glycemic indexes, thus avoiding high insulin spikes. With the inclusion of L-Glutamine in the formula to prevent muscle catabolism, Sodium has also been included to prevent athlete dehydration and Magnesium to prevent cramps, stiffness and improve energy efficiency along with Vitamin B1.

Prepare your FUEL DRINK in the easiest way and hydrate yourself in the most refreshing and delicious way, take it with you on all your adventures, give your body the boost it needs.



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