Gifted Nutrition Superlean New Formula Yohimbe 60 caps


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For athletes who are actively working on weight loss and prefer thermogenic supplements, we offer Gifted Nutrition Superlean New Formula Yohimbe (60 caps) a fat burner that will become an indispensable support in the painstaking process of losing weight and will greatly facilitate your path to fat loss.
A balanced composition of mainly natural plant ingredients (raspberry ketones, green coffee, sage, eclonia, nutmeg) effectively works to speed up metabolism and strengthen the immune system.
In addition to the main thermogenic effect (increasing body temperature and stimulating fat metabolism), the supplement provides maximum energy for training, reduces fatigue and improves mental focus.
Synephrine in the composition is responsible for suppressing appetite and controlling the daily diet, since during weight loss it is important to choose a fat burner with a complex effect on the body.
Caffeine in a competent proportion also complements the list of capsule components, thereby enhancing the effect of weight loss.
Just one capsule per day, and the fat burning process is in the safe hands of Gifted Nutrition experts.


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