GINKGO BILOBA EXTRACT 40 mg – 200 tabl


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Ginkgo biloba – a unique plant, the only tree of the Ginkgo family that has survived from the Permian and Jurassic periods.

The power of ginkgo is in the ability to give longevity. The tree extract is famous for its unique composition, the key action is a positive effect on the circulatory system.

Ginkgo components, including a unique component – bilobalide, inhibit the activity of the phosphodiesterase enzyme, which ultimately leads to relaxation of the muscle walls of blood vessels and improved blood flow. Improving blood flow helps to improve the functioning of all organs: kidneys, brain, reproductive system, etc.

Ginkgo extract contributes to:

  • stimulate the expansion of blood vessels, reduce pressure, reduce the risk of strokes,

  • reduce the likelihood of developing thrombosis,

  • lowering cholesterol levels,

  • increased glomerular filtration rate, decreased proteinuria, increased water and sodium reabsorption,

  • prevention of age-related changes in the brain caused by damage to neurons,

  • stimulation of the synthesis of adrenaline, suppression of symptoms of depression,

  • curb the development of cancer metastases,

  • growth retardation of pneumococci, staphylococci, Escherichia coli,

  • mitigation of the effects of cerebral ischemia,

  • activation of glucose uptake in certain parts of the brain, due to which there is an improvement in coordination of movements,

  • prevention of bronchial obstruction in asthmatic or allergic attacks,

  • fight against age-related sleep disorders,

  • activation of mental activity, memory improvement, including in old age,

  • smoothing the effects of tobacco or alcohol intoxication,

  • relief of the main symptoms of venous insufficiency, increased venous tone, reduced manifestations of hypoxia,

  • potency improvement,

  • relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids,

  • restoration of the connective tissue structure, fight against skin aging,

  • relief of headaches of vascular origin,

  • slowing down the processes of vision loss,

  • evening skin color, lightening age spots.




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