GymBeam Royal Jelly Special Supplement – 60 caps


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royal jelly is a dietary supplement made from the product of worker bees, which has the same name. It gained popularity mainly due to the content of useful substances in it that affect health and vitality. This product contains an extract with a standardized 10-HDA fatty acid content of 5%. So you can be sure that it contains the active ingredient. The bees themselves use royal jelly as food for the larvae of worker bees and drones in the first days of their lives. They do this in order to stimulate their body to grow and develop properly. Bees that feed on royal jelly for longer periods of time eventually develop into queen bees.

Currently, royal jelly is the subject of many studies. In particular, its possible impact on life expectancy and testosterone levels is being investigated. This supplement comes in the form of practical capsules, making it as easy to take as possible.


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