Hooks Power System Wrist Pull Hooks V2 PS-3360 Black/Red


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Power System Hooks V2 Wrist Pull Hooks PS-3360
Purpose: for powerlifting and bodybuilding when performing strength exercises.

The Power System Row Hooks take the stress off your fingers and redirect it to the right muscles for a more efficient workout. Hooks for traction are made of hypoallergenic materials. They do not affect proper blood circulation and do not pinch the nerve endings of the hands. The wrist is well secured with a strap with a metal buckle. In the manufacture of hooks, durable metal and non-slip material were used.

Hooks have proven themselves in conditions of frequent use and increased wear.


Foam padding on the back for wrist comfort
Hooks are made of high quality neoprene coated steel
Comfortable clasp with easy but secure fastening
Stronger grip than hand straps
Colour: Black-red.
Material: polyester, genuine leather, steel.

Included: 2 pcs


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