InsaneLabz Psychotic Diablo 60 caps


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Psychotic Diablo- is a brand new powerful fat burner. Developed specifically to combat belly fat to help you get rid of it after the phase of intense mass gain. The drug is so strong and intense that you will only need to take 1 serving per day.

Once again, Insane Labz continues to push the boundaries. Psychotic Diablo is formulated with theobromine anhydrous to improve cognition, dandelion root extract to reduce water retention, grains to combat visceral fat, and our patented AMPiberry and OxyGold to increase absorption and provide clean energy. When combined with the Psychotic Diablo Diet, it will help you achieve your weight loss goals!

Insane Labz prides itself on combining the highest quality ingredients with the best products on the market. When you order Insane Labz supplements, you know you are getting an unparalleled product that is unmatched by any other company.

Note. This product contains Insane Labz silica desiccant to absorb moisture and prevent clumping. Keep the desiccant in the bottle until full use to keep it fresh. Keep out of the reach of children.


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