IronFlex Collagen 400g


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Hydrolyzed collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the human body, its mass fraction is 6% of body weight. Collagen is present in almost all tissues of the body, it is the main structural protein that forms our body and provides strength to tissues, in fact, it holds or binds cells together. More collagen is found in connective tissues that perform a mechanical function: bones, cartilage and ligaments. Gelatin (hydrolyzed collagen) is obtained by partial destruction of animal collagen by heat treatment (long cooking). Gelatin is used as a means to strengthen joints and ligaments. Hydrolyzed collagen, or gelatin, is well absorbed from the digestive tract. Investigating the absorption of this substance, scientists discovered an interesting fact: part of the collagen is absorbed in the form of oligopeptides (chains of amino acids), which can enter the bloodstream.


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