IronFlex Water Bottle Gallon Hydrator 1000ml


  • Very handy and practical water bottle.
  • The volume is 1 liter.
  • The lid is tightly screwed on.
  • The bottle is transparent.
  • The presence of a side handle provides convenience even when holding in one hand.
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Quench your thirst with a uniquely designed bottle from IronFlex.

This versatile bottle is perfect for you to optimize hydration during any activity, whether it's a long workout at the gym, long hikes, or just at work.

A convenient built-in handle makes it easy to hold the bottle, while the durable BPA-free plastic ensures this sturdy bottle will stand up to the daily hustle and bustle. The impervious stainless steel lid is secured with a linen rope so there is no need to worry about losing it.


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