KOR Water Bottle Delta Beverage Bottle (750ml) – Atomic Punch


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Drinking water has never been so pleasant before! And now you can follow your drinking regime anytime, anywhere, wherever you are, while doing it in style. The Delta series, like other products of TM KOR, can boast of absolute environmental friendliness, which makes the use of products completely safe. Convenient container design provides:

  • rubber base for anti-slip, as well as protecting furniture from scratches,
  • wide hygienic neck, protected from germs and dirt,
  • very convenient lid that opens with a simple push of a button,
  • built-in handle for ideally comfortable transportation of the container,
  • ergonomic shape, thanks to which the bottle fits perfectly in the hand.

Minimalistic, sophisticated design, color variations of Delta containers will appeal to everyone. Don't miss your chance to buy a KOR Delta water bottle and keep enjoying the freshness of your water. Quench your thirst with pleasure! Take water with you!


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