KOR water bottle Sports water bottle KOR Aura 750 ml


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Fans of minimalism, interesting style solutions and safe materials are offered to buy the KOR Aura Sports Water Bottle (750 ml) KOR, which is made with consideration for the transportation of sports accessories.
In a familiar bottle, we are used to seeing a rounded thread with a cap, but for sports that can take place in any conditions, this option is not the best. During a workout, an athlete quite often takes a few sips of water, hastily twists the lid and leaves it as accessible as possible. In the case of, for example, football, swimming, or bodybuilding in a public gym, dust and microbes get on the neck, and here the experts have done everything to keep it completely clean and make it as easy as possible to use the bottle:
– a convenient smooth neck through which it is possible to put ice cubes into the water, and at the same time a narrowed inner part to reduce splashes,
– practical cap that securely closes the bottle and keeps the neck hygienic,
– strong case from special durable material.


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