MyProtein Hyaluronic Acid Special Supplement – 60 tabl


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What is hyaluronic acid?
myvitamins hyaluronic acid tablets are a pure, highly effective source of a moisture-retaining molecule found in our skin.

It occurs naturally in our connective tissues such as our joints, muscles, and skin, but is most commonly found in our skin. More than 50% of our body's products are stored in skin cells, where water reserves are 1000 times its own weight. According to Dr. Maryam Zamani, this is "extremely important for keeping the skin moisturized."

Why Use a Hyaluronic Supplement?
according to ELLE magazine, hyaluronic acid "holds the key to smooth, flawless, and hydrated skin." This is because it is a gel-like molecule that binds water to retain moisture. While our body can produce it on its own, our natural levels decline as we age. Supplements can help restore the amount in our bodies.

Our high performance hyaluronic acid tablets are specially formulated to maintain our natural levels as we age.


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