Nosorog Maca Special Supplement, 100 Capsules


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A feature of the product is its concentration of 10:1. Taking Nosorog Maca, 100 capsules (which is a more pleasant form, since the extract in powder has a rather specific taste) has a pronounced beneficial effect on the body.

Due to the rich and unique chemical composition of poppy, it has a beneficial effect on many organs and systems of the human body.

The medicinal and beneficial properties of plant tubers include:

  • replenishment of deficiency of minerals and vitamins,
  • cancer prevention,
  • slowing down the aging process,
  • strengthening the circulatory system,
  • increased immunity,
  • normalization of metabolism,
  • improving the functioning of the reproductive and reproductive systems,
  • elimination of depression, stress, fatigue,
  • increased sex drive,
  • increase in muscle mass.

The root crop is useful for men. With regular use, it increases resistance to stress, helps to overcome sexual impotence, increases sexual desire, stimulates testosterone synthesis, and improves sperm quality.

Maca preparations are indicated for problems with potency and conception, premature ejaculation, prolonged mental and nervous stress, genitourinary diseases, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia and some other types of tumors.


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