NOW SUNFLOWER LECITHIN Amino Acid 1200 mg – 100 softgels


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Sunflower Lecithin NOW – it is a fuel for the body, a building material for cell membranes, an assistant in the work of the liver, brain and nervous system – all this is about lecithin. Fat-like organic matter, which is a complex of phospholipids, has a wide range of indications for use. It helps to normalize the level of cholesterol in the blood and lipid metabolism, it is necessary for both a growing body and people of mature age.

The benefit of lecithin is that blood viscosity decreases, the risk of thrombosis decreases, microcirculation improves, which favorably affects the state of general health, exercise tolerance – and this is precisely what constitutes the main link in improving the quality of life, especially against the background of atherosclerosis.


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