Nutrex Vitadapt Multivitamin Complex – 90 caps


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What is vitadapt?

Vitadapt is a new multivitamin for athletes. This is truly a new standard in sports multivitamins. With its clinically dosed formula, it eliminates the guesswork and fully meets the physiological needs of athletes.

It features a unique combination of effective doses of vitamins, highly available chelated Albion minerals and adaptogens.

NUTREX RESEACHER Vitadapt is a multivitamin preparation and adaptogen for professional athletes and people involved in high-intensity activities from Nutrex Research Lab. An effective combination of essential substances for professionals under heavy loads includes vitamins, trace elements and adaptogens.

Vitadapt contains all 24 vital minerals and vitamins necessary for an athlete daily at 100% of their requirement, which is rare for many vitamins where the daily dose was for sports. Manufacturers have not forgotten about Vitamin D and iodine.


  • stimulates muscle growth
  • increases strength and endurance,
  • contains all the minerals and vitamins for an athlete,
  • promotes rapid recovery
  • gives energy.



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