Olimp Labs Thermo Speed ​​Extreme 30 caps


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Thermo Speed ​​is a fat burner that delivers the most proven and powerful combination of synephrine and caffeine at recommended working dosages.
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In developing its weight loss supplement, Olimp has proven once again that it can handle the most advanced formulas in sports nutrition. So, Thermo Speed ​​is a fat burner that contains the most proven and combative combination of synephrine and caffeine at the recommended working dosages. You can read about the properties of this duet here, and at the same time get acquainted with the very definition of fat burners and their true role in the process of losing weight. The following should be said about Thermo Speed ​​in particular: 1) thanks to the Mega Caps technology (increased dose of the substance in one capsule up to 1250 mg), the number of capsules per serving is less than in similar products = the supplement is used more economically, 2) the high content of epigallocatechin gallate, an active ingredient in green tea that enhances the fat-burning effect of norepinephrine (which, in turn, is stimulated by caffeine). 3) 1000 mg of L-tyrosine per serving of amino acid, which is a precursor of thyroid hormones (thyroid hormones) that stimulate motor activity and alertness,


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