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The Smart Skipping Rope is a great fitness tool that will make your workouts at home, outdoors or at the gym more varied and fun. Jumping rope is a full body exercise, which means it is a very effective workout that will help you burn a large number of calories in a short amount of time. If you didn't like jumping as a child, we guarantee you will love this smart jump rope. It works in three different modes to make your exercises easier and more fun. In free skip mode, the rope simply counts your skips and measures your workout time. On the other hand, the timed mode sets the goal as the duration of the session, and once completed, the pen vibrates to notify you that you have reached the goal. Ultimately, the third mode specifies the number of skips that must be completed in order to successfully complete the goal.

The Smart Skipping Rope charges easily with a 5V charger and a standard micro USB cable. All you have to do is plug in the pen and wait for it to fully charge before you're ready to go again. The length of the rope is adjustable, which makes it very comfortable for both adults and children.

Smart jump rope – GymBeam:

  • smart fitness tool for full body exercise
  • skipping helps burn a lot of calories
  • three pass modes available
  • counts the time of the pass, as well as the number of passes
  • easy to charge
  • adjustable length
  • Suitable for home, outdoor and gym use


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