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Liquid magnesia is a specialized solution of magnesia, which includes alcohols, thickeners (usually rosin) and flavors. The main idea is to cover the palms as completely as possible with an even layer of magnesia and “fill” the smallest skin pores with it. Due to this, liquid magnesia is more effectively held on the hands and more economically consumed. Liquid magnesia is applied to the palm of your hand or to the entire surface of the brush. After a while (up to about 30 seconds), the alcohol evaporates and the liquid dries. Hands remain covered with a uniform layer of magnesia, which can be enough for 20-30 interceptions, depending on the quality of magnesia and the nature of the relief. This type of magnesia is more convenient to use on short climbing routes, in bouldering, climbing for speed, pole dance, in weightlifting. Depending on the manufacturer and chemical composition, liquid magnesia can dry out at different speeds and hold differently on hands. It is necessary to choose liquid magnesia on your own experience or on the advice of a trainer.


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