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A protein complex enriched with natural plant extracts (bearberry, green coffee, hoodia), the main component of which is whey protein with the most essential amino acid profile for a training body. Due to its composition, specially selected taking into account the characteristics of the female body, this complex allows you to optimize metabolic processes, activating lipolysis, normalizing energy metabolism and helping to suppress appetite. Actively participates in the prevention of stagnant phenomena of the body, because excess weight is not only an excessive deposition of adipose tissue, but also the accumulation of toxins, fluids, and harmful substances in the body. The product has a moderate calorie content, has pleasant organoleptic properties. It is perfect for women who not only strive to have a beautiful, toned body, but also take care of their general health, because they cleanse the body of accumulated toxins without having side effects from the gastrointestinal tract. Allows you to effectively reduce weight during a diet without losing the volume and strength of already pumped up muscles. Taking Femine Power Pro regularly before training, you will protect your muscles from catabolism, and taking this protein after training in the gym will allow you to quickly restore the wasted strength and replenish hungry muscle fibers with essential amino acids. Hurry up to buy the FEMINE PRO complex 1000 g from the manufacturer POWER PRO from us, and you will be able to see for yourself its useful properties.


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