Power System Resistance Belt S-3720 Bench Blaster Ultra Black/White


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The Bench Blaster Ultra, a resistance belt, helps lifters push the dumbbells off the bottom step during the bench press and thus improve performance with elasticity. When lowering the bar to the chest, the belt encounters a strong counterweight and increases the performance of the athlete. The increase in performance is completely individual and depends on the athlete's physical level and fitness. With Bench Blaster Ultra, you can afford to overload your central nervous system more, which is forced to adapt to a higher muscle load. This can lead to 10-15% overload during a workout. This tool can make your work more attractive in a variety of ways.

Blaster Ultra is made from durable fabric. It mimics natural muscle movements by lengthening and shortening. This effect can significantly reduce muscle fatigue in the shoulders, elbows and chest.

Keeps hands steady, prevents shaking and maintains correct posture when lifting barbells.


Color: Black & White
Size: M – length – 660 width – 150 elbow radius – 170
Size: L – length – 720 width – 150 elbow radius – 180
Size: XL – length – 780 width – 150 elbow radius – 200


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