Power System Wrist weights fixed 2 kg PS-4071 (pair)


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Wrist weights fixed Power System 2 kg PS – 4071 (pair)

Purpose: for aerobics, crossfit and combat training.


* Properly organized weight training is the first step to an ideal figure.

* It will help to develop the correct proportions, make the muscles more prominent and in a healthy tone.

* Classes with less weights develop mainly strength endurance and are recommended for beginners.

* Classes with heavy weights help develop maximum muscle strength, while practically not affecting the increase in their volume.

* Soft cover for maximum comfort, adjustable Velcro for a secure fit.

* Can be used as wrist weights and ankle weights.

* Functional design.

* Filling – metal shavings.

* Neoprene cushions inside.

* Crossfit, aerobics

Included: 2 pcs. each 2 kg


Weight (kg): 2

Material: neoprene.

Color: grey.


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