Pre-workout complex Sponser Liquid energy 20×70 grams


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Liquid energy plus sports energy drink of the latest generation. Created on the basis of new technologies in dietary nutrition, it consists entirely of natural ingredients. The complex helps to prepare the body for high physical exertion and increases endurance. The drug is presented in the form of a gel, which contributes to its rapid absorption by the body. The main components of Liquid energy plus are fructose, caffeine, taurine and inosine. Fructose is an instant source of energy for the body. Entering the muscle fibers, fructose affects the increase in endurance and the improvement of strength indicators. Fructose is completely safe for the body, it does not cause the release of insulin into the blood, so it can be used even by diabetics. The amino acid taurine affects nerve impulses in the muscles, thereby increasing the body's performance. Inosine is a well-known anabolic agent that affects the functioning of the cardiovascular system and improves blood circulation. Caffeine activates the work of all body systems, stimulates the brain, increases muscle activity.


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