Probiotic Nosorog Inulin, 200 gr


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Inulin is a polysaccharide, that is, a substance belonging to the group of complex organic carbohydrates. It is obtained in the process of processing tubers and roots of a certain list of plants. Inulin is classified as a prebiotic in terms of properties – it is fermented by the intestinal microflora, and is not absorbed by the upper sections of the gastrointestinal tract. All this stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms, ensures the normal functioning of the body as a whole and the digestive system.

The main action of inulin is probiotic. It restores the microflora, positively affects the functioning of the digestive tract. This contributes to the launch of normal lipid, carbohydrate metabolism, normalizes sugar content, activates metabolism, fat burning processes. Additional effects – removal of toxic substances, slags, heavy metals, radionuclides.

Inulin corresponds to the growth rate of bone tissue, prevents the development of some serious diseases. All this contributes to better absorption of calcium, increases bone density. With the correct intake of inulin, the body's defenses increase, restore liver cells. You can use preparations containing this substance for the treatment of hepatitis B and C types.

Since inulin is an anticoagulant, it prevents the formation of blood clots and lowers bad cholesterol. The degree of absorption of magnesium increases, it directly affects the enzymes of the cardiovascular system, and reduces the fat content. With hyperlipidemia, blood pressure decreases.


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