Puritans Pride Alpha Lipoic Acid Amino Acid 300 mg 60 Capsules


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Puritan's Pride Alpha Lipoic Acid 300 mg is an excellent alpha lipoic acid supplement. A direct participant in many biochemical reactions in the body, alpha-lipoic acid belongs to vitamin-like substances. It is involved in protein and fat metabolism, is an integral part of many enzyme systems and a necessary substance for energy production during the conversion of carbohydrates. In particular, it preserves vitamins C and E for the body, allowing them to be used more economically.

Protects cells from energy "hunger", providing, like insulin, the absorption of glucose by cells. Directly involved in providing energy to the brain and skeletal muscles. It is widely used in European medicine in the treatment of diabetes mellitus and to reduce insulin dosages.

Alpha – lipoic acid is a universal antioxidant: it itself acts on water-soluble and fat-soluble free radicals, and also interacts with other antioxidant complexes. Promotes the removal of heavy metals and toxic compounds, strengthens the nervous and immune systems.

It also has a positive effect on the liver, regulates blood sugar levels, stimulates the muscles of the heart, protects the body from the harmful effects of nicotine, radiation and toxic substances.


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