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During exercise or physical activity, you burn a lot of calories and lose fluid, so replenishing lost water and electrolytes should be a top priority after the end of activity, you need to replenish lost energy so that pain disappears and muscles can grow.

Without a doubt, RECOVERY PROFESSIONAL by Quamtrax is the supplement you need to repair and build muscle, a thorough formula that includes two types of carbohydrates to provide liver and muscle glycogen loading, with 16 g of fast-digesting protein, of which 3 g is derived from the famous Quamtrax Amino Vegan patent fermented BCAA. In addition, electrolytes and vitamins have been added to the formula to ensure the best possible recovery.


  • Post-Workout Efficiency: Optimal recovery for muscle building, reduced soreness and faster recovery.
  • Energy & Muscle Recovery: Includes BCAAs, proteins, electrolytes and vitamins.

RECOVERY PROFESSIONAL is the fuel that will keep you going after sports adventures, as soon as you can make a drink, add powder, shake and that's it, rest and recover!


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